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Anyone Want a Cookie??

December 22nd, 2011 | 1 Comment | Posted in Animation Stuff

Love this one.  Simple but very complex at the same time.

More Progress

July 22nd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Animation Stuff, Penn Station, pretty pictures

It seems that I am actually getting close to finishing the modeling on my thesis environment. I was stalled for quite a while on it due to a number of things: moving, baby, finding a job and not having a really good view of what the platform level looked like.  Well, after finding the platform image I posted a few weeks back it energized me to get back to work and finish this thing.

I may have the final major parts done in by the beginning of August. After that I’ll need to build the train, carriage cars and some environmental props. Once all that is done it will be off to texturing, lighting and then I will call it done.

The end seems to be in sight. Let’s just hope all this work can translate into a job.

Platform view

And from the 31st Street Stairs.

Reference Images

Was perusing the net and found this great reference image for my thesis

Still can’t believe that they would tear this down.  People are stupid


Making progress.  I’ve been going through each section and seeing where I can clean it up and reduce my polycount.  So far, I’ve managed to take it from 84,472 triangles down to 45,449 which is a phenomenal savings on polygons. The lower the number, the faster your computer game can process it.  So, lower is better, but not so low that you have cheese graphics.

Most of it came from just rethinking some of the design aspects and separating items into multiple objects so that I didn’t have to build so much detail into one part of the object simply because the other side required it.

Now, I think I should have the main building structure done by the end of the week.  After that it will be security fences and stairways.

The Nerd Side

I’m back to modeling again.  I was away from it for too long due to moving, new job, new baby, and new computer that I had to build and then load software on, but now I am back in the groove and while not hitting the 3D stuff every day, I’m going consistent and strong at it.

Right now the focus is all on the thesis.  All my class work is done and I just need to get my thesis finished and submitted so I can have my piece of paper that says I can do the job.  So, I’ve broken out the thesis project and pulled it apart some to make improvements and correct a few things that I noticed were not the way I would like it.

First up was the ‘Birdcage”, the metal framework that supported the glass ceiling to Penn Station, I have just a few items left to build for it and it will be finished (construction wise that is).  Next up will be replacing the placeholder textures with the real one, so lots of Photoshop work in the future for me, as well as CrazyBump and maybe even some zBrush for it.

So here is how it looks now.

Now I just have to go over the concourse floor, ceiling, walls, railroad tracks, benches, luggage, trains and lights.

Yeah, it might take a few months.

Busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest.

I’ve been busy, busy, and FREAKING BUSY!!!

Three classes, which you think wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s not that classes really it’s the projects.   Now, I don’t blame my instructors at all because all they did was give us some basic parameters to work with, I’m the one that decided what I was going to do with those parameters and set myself up for this major league work load.

For example.  In my environments class we had to do an interior.  Could be any interior we wanted; kitchen, bedroom, heck we could have even done the inside of a closet as long as we did it REALLY well (to justify the small space).  Me, I chose a warehouse.  An old rundown warehouse.  And not content with just that, I decided to put an old truck in their too.  Why?  Because I’m an idiot and I like cars.

It’s still not done, not really.  There are lots of things that I can (and will) do to improve this.  So, I have that one plus I’m still working on my thesis project of Penn Station.

I love Penn Station.  I wish to God it was still around but unfortunately they tore it down three years before I was born and we will never see another place like it again.

Finally, if I haven’t had enough interior spaces yet, there is my final one – the Altar room project.  Once again, I could have done something easy like a sword in the stone, a suit of armor, or even some sci-fi thing, but NOOOOOOOO…. I had to decide to do an altar room that represents the United States.  A Greco-Roman tribute to what our founding fathers crafted.  So now I have to deal with Grecian sculpture forms and modeling draped cloth as well as FOUR figures!

Three figures to represent the three branches of government; thirteen pillars for the colonies;  ten wall spaces for the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights; and finally, in the center of the altar, a Nike figure representing the American spirit which can only be defeated when we give up on ourselves.  The four braziers in the hall represent the four armed forces.  When it is done there will be a fire burning in them.

Love the idea, but man is it kicking my ass.  here’s a long shot of the altar room.  The coffered ceiling is referencing the Capitol Dome as well as the Pantheon.

And a close up of the figures

I have so much freakin work to do.  I need a drink.