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Best Christmas Present EVER!

December 25th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Posted in Family Stuff, The wife and I


The wife sent this to me yesterday while I was at work.  I spent the rest of the day buzzing like a squirrel on coke.

This will make #2 to the clan.  More minions to do my bidding!

Leaving on a Jet Plane…

May 22nd, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Family Stuff, It's all about me, ramblings

In just a few hours we will be flying east to Ohio to visit the in-laws for a week.

Not looking forward to the granny gropers at the airport.

If you see a news story about a man going medieval on some TSA jackass after his son or wife was groped and fondled, that will probably be me. Send bail money please.

Overheard at the Dinner Table

December 11th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Family Stuff

We were over at my parents for dinner and the conversation between my dad and I turned toward our days in the military.

ME: So here we are, washing down the bulkhead which has about 30 years of smoke buildup on it…

MOM: Why do you call it a bulkhead?

DAD: Because that’s what it is.

WIFE: But don’t you call the bathroom a ‘Head’?

ME: Yep.

Confused looks pass between my wife and my mom as dad and I sit there grinning.

MOM: Why don’t you just call it a wall like everyone else instead of making it so confusing?

ME: Well, we really do it just to mess with the Marines.

Shooting Fun

June 12th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Family Stuff, Pass the ammo

Went shooting the other day with my dad and brother

Bret, of course, shot using the standard police Weaver Stance with a Springfield XD .45

Dad still uses the classic Isosceles Stance while shooting his Springfield 1911, but if you look closely you will notice that his shooting hand looks a little odd – his trigger finger isn’t on the trigger even though he just fired off a round.  That’s because dad has arthritis in his trigger finger so he lays it along side the frame and shoots with his middle finger.

And he still out shoots me.

Home, at last!

December 27th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Family Stuff, Furballs, The wife and I, Uncategorized

We’ve finally landed!

It’s been a quite a few weeks since I last posted anything and a lot has happened in that time, so I will try and address it all in the order things happened.  That’s usually the best way, start from the beginning and  go until you reach the end but a lot of stuff has happened including new additions to the household, computer repairs, holidays, new jobs and a new place to live and all the things that go with moving in.

First off, we landed in New Mexico without incident.  No flat tires, exploding engines or attacks by zombies or liberals (though often you can’t tell the difference).  The new house is nice enough, everything in here is builder grade so it’s a place that I keep looking at and thinking things like “If we were to rip out that pony wall in the kitchen, we could move the cabinets out further…”  so maybe if it turns out we will be staying on a more permanent basis and decide to buy something, this rental place could be our first home.  What a concept,  kind of stunning really!

Speaking of which, this is the view we get from our house.

The place is pretty nice but we’ve had a few problems right off the bat.  The people who lived here before us were slobs of the utmost degree and apparently had a hamster that they allowed to go anywhere it wanted.  We had to pull out the oven to have the igniter replaced.  It’s a gas oven – one of the things I would change if this place was ours.  Anyway, as we pulled it out I discovered that while the rental agents did have a cleaning crew come in, apparently they only cleaned what was in plain sight.  Behind the stove was a huge collection of trash, dirty laundry (yes, and I have no idea how it got there) dirty dishes and silverware and, worst of all, the entire area was covered in hamster droppings.

I cleaned it all up and later called the agent about what I found and was given the old “Oh, gee we are so sorry…” which generally means they aren’t sorry at all and they wish you would quit calling them.   Now, if this were the only problem I would most likely let it go and get on with things, but it’s just one of quite a few.  The sliding glass door has those blinds that you pull to cover the door and keep the neighbors from seeing into your house except in our case half of them are broken or missing along with the pull rod.  The oven door gasket vents heat so much that it makes the knobs on the stove very hot to the touch, the washer smelled like urine when we moved in (bleach helped with that) and the dryer takes two cycles to dry a load – and it’s a gas dryer.  It’s been two weeks since I told them about this and still nothing has been done.

I am now slowly working up to a war stance on things.  They are going to try and fix the dryer but they said if I want to put my own dryer in that’s fine – but I have to store the owners dryer here.  I told them that the leasing agreement says nothing about storage for the owners stuff and if I move it out then she needs to find a place for it – or, I can store it here for $25 a month.   We’ll see what they say.

The new job is going pretty good.  Not what I went to college for, but right now I am just happy to have an income.  I’ll be in training for a month more and then it’s onto the production floor where, with the bonuses I can earn, I could double my salary which would be very nice indeed.

Finally, we added a couple of new additions to the family.  We were over at PetsMart and wandered by the adoption center and fell in love with a couple of boys that were there, Zane and Sam.  We filled out all of the paperwork and decided to hold off on taking them home because Sam was feeling a little sick that day and had diarrhea and the adoption center wanted to make sure he was OK before letting us take him.  Well, they found out that everything wasn’t OK with Sam, he has a neurological disorder and he’ll need special care and a very attentive family.  Luckily for him his foster mom has fallen in love with him and one of her cats has taken to mothering him so I think he has found his forever home.

As for Zane, well we got him and found a little brother for him named Cooper.  Cooper is about half of  Zane’s size but you wouldn’t know that from the way he goes after Zane.  Right now I can hear the two of them upstairs thundering around their room playing keep-away or wrestling, or just running because they love to run.

This is Cooper

And this is Zane

There’s lot’s more to catch everyone up on, but for now I think I have rambled enough for one day.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings better times for you.

Hello from Texas!!!

September 30th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Posted in Family Stuff, Pass the ammo, The wife and I

Well, the Instinct, Intuition and the in-the-womb Insight have arrived in Austin, TX in one piece and slowly getting things going again.  We arrived and unloaded the truck into a climate controlled storage facility until we can get our own place.  Right now we are staying with a friend who has been very, very kind in opening up her home to us until we get some income going and can get settled in on our own.

Unloading the truck was interesting.  I thought a 10 x 10 storage unit would be large enough, and it was… once we greased the walls to get it all in.  Also, while we did get it all in there, I should have been more efficient about it all because I didn’t think as I put everything in “Gee, I might need to get this out.  I should put it where I can reach it…” So now, I will have to go back in there and pull a whole bunch of stuff out just to find parts to my computer that I need as well as cables, some books and clothing.

Yeah, I’m brilliant sometimes.

I’ve put in a bunch of resumes for jobs, contacted some recruiters and thrown out applications all over the place so hopefully something will come up soon.  Have an interview with Progressive Insurance on Monday, so I am happy about that and if I get it, I’ll also be trying to get a part time job as well just so there is some extra money coming in on top of it all.  With a child on the way I get the feeling we will need as much money saved up as we can get.

The trip out was good but right now all the photos are trapped on our cameras until I can find what box the cables are in – yep, lots of digging to do,but in the mean time, I can still share this with you:

As we were visiting my parents my dad looked at me and the wife and said “Come out to the garage with me.”

Once we got out there he had me pull down a box from one of the top shelves and with that down he opened his gun safe, pulled out this replica of a 1897 Winchester, boxed it up and said “Put that in your truck next to the Remington.”

So now the wife has her shotgun.  She fell in love with this at first sight so even if Dad meant it for me, it’s hers.  And to be honest I think he meant it for her in the first place.