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Doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.

February 3rd, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in Furballs, Humor. HAR... HAR!

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December 11th, 2009 | 7 Comments | Posted in Furballs

This morning at 3:11 am my cat Quazo passed away in my arms.  I don’t really feel like going into details right since it’s too fresh but I want to say that she was a wonderful cat.

Her favorite thing was to keep me company while I worked away at the computer.  If I was too busy to pet her she would grab my hand and pull it to the top of her head to get a scratch.  Her other favorite spot was curled up on the back of my chair and leaning against my neck. She was my very personal neck warmer.  I would call her “Quazo-bear” because she was like a big fluffy teddy bear and was always wanting to be held.  Her favorite way was to be held over one shoulder like you would if you were burping a baby, I think she like the view from up there.

She would have made a wonderful mother.  She mothered the other cats we have and often broke up the fights they would get into.  She had a mouse toy for a while that she would carry around with her, clean and then sleep with.  She loved everyone and never once hissed or tried to scratch, even when being given a bath the worst she would do is give a sad little meow to say “Why are you doing this to me?”

I wish I could have done more to save her.  I wish that somehow I could go back in time to the alley I found them in and get her and her sister before they were so malnourished that the vet was surprised they were still alive. She was so tiny that once I lost her because she had crawled under the blankets on the bed and I couldn’t tell her lump from the natural folds in the sheets.

When I found her and her sister Misto they were in an alley and Quazo came out and meowed at me.  It was almost like she was saying “You’re going to take me home now, OK?”  I picked her up but she started squirming and wanted down.  I found out why when she, a kitten only a few weeks old, led me to her sister who was hiding in the trash.  Neither of them had any fur from the neck down, they had so many fleas that they had chewed off all their fur trying to get rid of them.  I took the to the vet a few days later once they had been eating had had plenty of water.  He looked at them and declared that he had no idea how they were still alive considering how malnourished they were.

Once, when they were very young kittens, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of scratching by the bed.  I looked down and saw Quazo’s furry little butt sticking out of my sock drawer.  I reached down, removed her and closed the drawer only to be woken again by even more frantic scratching.  Wondering why she was wanting to get to my footwear I opened the drawer again and out popped Misto.  The two of them then ran off to play in other parts of the apartment and I went back to sleep with a smile on my face.

I know that her diabetes had something to do with her all too short life and I did all that I could do to make the time she was here a wonderful time for her.  All I can do now is look at an empty chair where she would sleep and know that it will always be empty.  There will be other cats, probably dogs too, but she and Misto were my very first pets that I had on my own and that hole will never be filled.

Quazo 1

This is how I will remember her.  Furry, rolly polly, and a bundle of love.  She was special and I thank God for giving her to me.

Cats are dorks

January 26th, 2009 | 6 Comments | Posted in Furballs

Rachel Lucas posted her latest on ‘cats are assholes’ and while everyone knows this I decided to point out they can also be pretty dorky by posting this picture of my in-law’s cat Riley and his impersonation of a turtle.

He likes to sleep under it like that too


Wife said that I should show a few more of the little snot so here we go

So long Moo

September 25th, 2008 | 8 Comments | Posted in Furballs, my friends

My friend Dee just lost her cat Mickey and wanted everyone to be able to see what a wonderful cat he was so I am posting his pictures here.  He is now keeping our cat Roo company in a much better place than this.

From her letter to Moo

To Mickey: I hope you realize how much you were loved and adored. Your daddy thought you hung the moon and plugged in the stars. He walks into the house everyday greeting you with his customary, “Hi, Moo,” because he feels your presence all throughout the house. He misses holding your paw at night while you sleep together. I miss the ‘plat, plat, plat’ sound of your big boy, six-toed paws walking across the kitchen floor. And I miss you purring on top of me while I was watching tv. (I really did not care that you were in the way of the TV, even though I jokingly told you that I did.) And we both miss the way you worked the room for a bite of whatever we were eating. We miss you greeting us at the front door and screaming for us to feed you your wet food. We miss how you lounged directly outside of the bathroom while one of us was in the shower, waiting for our safe return to dry land!


You touched our lives immeasurably with your heart and your kind and gentle soul. We thank God that He blessed you to be a part of our lives, even though it was not for as long of a period of time as we had hoped. I guess Heaven must be in need of another angel. And they don’t get more angelic than you.


In time, we will all be together at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, you are with us in spirit; healthy and happy and forever purring at our side.

PS. It was okay that my meatballs were too spicy for you. Tom was just kidding when you refused to eat a bite of one, and he looked at you and whispered, “I’d run if I were you.”


To Juliet, Lucy and Girl: Please show Mickey around the place, okay?


To Jerry: Another angel will be joining you shortly. Please take good care of our Mickey and tell his some of your jokes. Mickey loves fleece blankets, making bread on anything squishy, and sleeping in sunny spots. And chicken. 










Happy Birthday

June 2nd, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Furballs

To my cats Quazo and Misto.

I found them in an alley years ago half dead and furless.  Now they are seven years old full of fur and fun.


Diabetic Kitty

April 24th, 2008 | 4 Comments | Posted in Furballs

Yes, I found out today that my cat Quazo is diabetic.  I knew she wasn’t feeling well because she hadn’t been acting like her normal self.  She has been sleeping right next to the water bowl and drinking a ton of water over the last week or so and I only recently noticed that because we were always on the run to school or work and then with homework you just don’t pay as much attention as you think you do.

Initially I thought she was sleeping there to be next to me because she does that, she’ll curl up on the back of my chair and lay against my neck, or will sleep next to the keyboard so that I can reach over and scratch her head whenever she wants (which she usually lets me know by grabbing my hand and pulling it onto her head).  I could tell that she just wasn’t herself and her coat started looking dull so I called the vet on Monday and made an appointment for today. 

So, this morning I dragged out her crate and put it together figuring that I was going to have to chase her around the apartment and then wrestle her into the crate for her appointment.  To my surprise, as soon as it was together she walked right into it, laid down and looked at me like “Well, let’s go”.

Once we were at the vet they confirmed what I secretly had feared, she has diabetes.  The good thing is that with a change in diet and insulin she will be able to get back to her normal self in no time, also the Vet said that it is possible that after she has been on insulin for a while that her pancreas will start producing insulin on it’s own again.

She was really good at the vet too, they had to take blood and urine and she didn’t complain once.  Now, she is resting on ‘her chair’ right next to me and hopefully with regular shots over the next week or so she’ll start coming back to her normal self.


So, now I am going to be giving her shots twice a day for as long as she needs it.  The only bummer is the fact that her insulin costs $95 bucks for a bottle that may last about 2 months, but it’s what needs to be done so I’ll do it.