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It’s getting ugly

September 20th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in KTKC

The Kilted to Kick Cancer challenge has gone into full cat fight, and now with catsuits too!

JayG offered to shave his face.

Kelly offered to shave half his ‘stache.

Then, Stingray offered to wax his junk.

These guys are talking like I’m not even in the room, and it’s very irritating. As of yesterday, I was in third place. As of this writing, I am in fourth, but it’s by a narrow margin. This is not a competition between the three of them. I have spoken with my lovely wife and we have a new offer.

If I win first place in the KTKC 2012, I will publish a video of the sexy Jennifer.
In a shiny, black, vinyl catsuit.
Shooting a Barrett M82A1.
I’m talking multiple angles, with some high-speed stuff. So, who’s in?

So go throw money at someone!

Personally though, the other guys are doing stuff to themselves so really it should be Michael in the catsuit… just sayin’



Jay has now up the kilted arms race another notch – a pink kilt.

Seriously, there are prizes like gun grips, holsters, shame and humiliation.  Go donate – Prostate and testicular cancer are no joke and every dollar helps!