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Moving again

November 15th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in America the beautiful, moving, The wife and I

Last week I flew off to Albuquerque for a job interview.  I’ve been looking out here in Austin and fired off a ton of resumes but nothing came up so I took the one that came through which means that – once again – I get to load a truck, get the cats into a carrier, and hit the road.  We’ll probably do it in two days and stop in Lubbock TX as the midpoint because if we tried to push all the way through my parents would skin me alive when we got there.

The job isn’t in my field, but it seems that no one is hiring in the game design field right now probably because everyone is waiting to see how badly the lame duck Congress is going to molest them before the end of the year.  I’ll be doing customer service on the phone and also trying to get a part time job as well to bring in some extra cash until I can get something going in my field which will hopefully happen sometime in the coming year.

Still have the thesis to finish up but that is just going to have to happen when it happens because with our first kid on the way providing food, shelter, clothing and medical insurance takes a much higher priority than getting the piece of paper.

Since most everything is still in storage it shouldn’t be too much trouble getting it all onto a truck and hitting the road.  Plus, thanks to some help on the other end from my parents who did a lot of house hunting for us, we now have a nice 3 bedroom place to move into that has gas stove, fireplace and a two car garage so I will have a place to not only park, but also some workshop room since we only have the Saturn.

So, I won’t be blogging for a bit (not that anyone would really notice) as we get everything loaded up and moved on out.  Pictures will follow – most likely taken by my lovely wife and mother of of my child.

Move em’ out!!!

September 16th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in America the beautiful, moving, The wife and I

Today’s the day.  We are finishing the load up and soon the computer will be in a box, the desk will be dismantled and given away (big, awkward to move and really, I just don’t like it) and everything will be inside the truck.  Cat’s will be in crates with their new collars on (which Wicket is trying to get off as I type this) and nestled in the middle seat and off we will go!

In some ways it will be sad to say goodbye to Alameda, I kind of like this town.  Oakland, San Francisco and most of the surrounding area can fall off into the ocean for all I care, but Alameda is pretty nice.  It’s really just a small town crammed in between a bunch of big cities and all the bullshit that comes with them, but Alameda is nice place to live where I have met people that would fit in with any part of flyover country you could name.  Somehow this little island has stayed a conservative haven in the middle of all the crazy.  So yeah, part of me will miss it while the other part of me will be glad to get back to a place where cowboy boots are normal, country music is more common than rap, and wearing a Reagan for President shirt doesn’t get glares.

So long Alameda, it was nice knowing you.

More Pictures

September 27th, 2007 | 6 Comments | Posted in moving, pretty pictures

Since I don’t have time right now to write more, I’m just going to give you pictures to look at.  Enjoy.

moving-west-090.jpg    moving-west-027.jpg     Moving West - fields     moving-west-072.jpg


Moving – Part 2

September 24th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in California, moving, pretty pictures

The end of “Moving – Part 1” saw us leaving Ohio two days late, in the late morning in a truck that sounded like it was going to rattle apart and was about as comfortable as sitting on a jackhammer, so let’s pick up from there. We got out of Ohio fine, and thought that we would be able to make Des Moines in about 11 hours – wrong again. Turns out that the 10 hour drive that Mapquest tell you it would be is only if you have an unlimited supply of gas, a bladder the size of an Olympic pool, and no other traffic to slow you down.

We (of course) encountered three long stretches of road construction, followed by a couple of traffic accidents and then (of course) the required stops for gas and restroom – plus we needed to check on the cats to make sure they were OK. They were fine, but every time we climbed up to the car to check them they would start crying. Eventually we did make it to Des Moines but it was about 11:30pm so we just got to our friends house (he was the best man at our wedding) and crashed for the night (kitties got their own little place to hang our and rest from the ordeal).

The next day we were given the grand tour of Des Moines and I learned a few things while we were there. First, they have a drive through malt shop that has the BEST shakes ever!! Honestly, I shit you not on this, they were fantastic! Second, we learned that their capitol building has a gold dome on top of it. 


Third, the Governor’s mansion looks just like the Haunted Mansion from Disney Land.


Finally we learned that Des Moines is very proud of a 15’ fiberglass sculpture of a cow that they have… yep, they have one and I have seen it.


There is also a wonderful art museum in Des Moines and we spent quite a few hours wandering through looking at paintings, sculptures and drawing. There are actually three building that are part of the Des Moines Art Center; the first one was designed by Eliel Saarinen in 1948, the second by I.M. Pei in 1968 and the final building was designed by Richard Meier. All of them are large and open with windows that are positioned so that they don’t just look outside, but form their own work of art with the window acting as a frame for it. Definitely worth going to see if you pass through the area.

So, we spent the day relaxing with friends, catching up and just having a good time but the next morning we were on the road and on our way but not without being presented with gifts to remind us of our visit like this wonderful t-shirt that is super funny.

I have already worn it to class and actually had a few people look and say things like “I didn’t know Des Moines was in Ohio” and “Ohio grows potatoes?  I always thought it was Idaho…”  Yep, future leaders I tell ya.

As we passed through Idaho and into Wyoming I did appreciate the long, open road that consisted mainly of the self movers, like us, and the 18 wheelers. The miles just rolled along and the other drivers were friendly and didn’t crowd anyone. If they wanted to pass, you just waved them along and they would flash their lights as a thank you. It was peaceful. I can see how truckers would really like that job. 

We finally stopped in Cheyenne and got a room at the Best Western there since all the other places were full. They charged us $150 (because of the cats) and when we got there at 9:30 the restaurant was closed. They didn’t even have room service! Supposedly this was a three star place but room service closed down at 9:00 pm. So we just had some of our road snacks and made a mental note to never stay at Best Western again. Plus, one of the shelves in the bathroom closet had come off and was laying on the floor not to mention that the bed had a huge dent where everyone else who had used that room had slept.  I don’t think they knew about flipping the matress or maybe even buying a new one. 

Best Western sucks.

Here are a few of the literally hundreds (yes, hundreds) of pictures we took on the road.  Hope you like them and I’ll finish this all up next weekend.  Oh, the last shot is of the sign from Buford, Wyoming – population 1.  The population used to be 2 but the guy’s son moved off to college (serious).

Tuesday is M-Day

August 26th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in moving, webstuff

I’m busy packing stuff up today and we are loading up the truck on Monday so I will leave you with these articles and once we are moved and settled I will be back and tell you all about how we couldn’t get a trailer from U-haul after all (they said our Saturn couldn’t handle it), the last day at work, and all about the trip – including pictures.

This is better than Gringott’s – OK, not really, but still pretty cool.

Hunting Osama – Newsweek actually has a decent article on why we aren’t making faster progress and why bureaucrats shouldn’t be running a war. I actually saw this over on LGF first.

Neocon thugs?? – ACE is throwing down on some dishonest reporting.

Vic Deserves more time in Jail – He may get 12-18 months and then he will probably out in what, 6 months??