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Two Years

April 5th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Posted in The Boy

Two years ago today a little guy I nicknamed ‘Froggy’ was born.  He got the nickname originally from the fact that he would constantly kick while he was in the womb, sometimes hard enough that it would rock his mother to the side like someone just shoved her.  He also got it from the scene in Blazing Saddle’s with Harvey Korman taking a bath.  I said that line to him when I was first holding him after he was born, got a laugh out of my wife and the doctor.

My Boy

When he was born I remember describing it like the part in the Wizard of Oz where the movie changes from being in black and white to color.  That’s what my son did to me, my whole world turned upside down and I now see it with a different set of eyes.  I used to go work, work, play, sleep, work.  Now the play part is fine, but Matthew likes to walk and be outside and that’s great, but it has made me slow down and appreciate just BEING outside.  He’ll wander my parents property just looking at things and exploring and I’ll walk with him just enjoying having him around.  Occasionally he will pick something up to hand to me that is VERY important -like a rock or a stick, and then continue on his quest for the next bit.

Mom and the Wife will occasionally get mad that I don’t bother to make him put on shoes for these outdoor excursions, today we didn’t even bother with his jeans -t-shirt and a diaper with socks – that’s how we roll here. He had fun, and since it’s his birthday, that’s the point right?


He played with the dogs, helped feed the horses, dug in the dirt, got a basketball thing and shot hoops with his cousin (made more baskets than the current occupant of the White House too) and got a whole bunch more toy trains.  All in all a good day for him that was topped off by a chocolate cupcake.

Hard to believe that he has grown so much in such a short time.  A few months ago he couldn’t hold a cup without spilling it, now he runs to the refrigerator and will fill it himself.  There are still spills at times, but most of the time he will get his cup, fill it and then have a good long drink.

We have another one on the way and soon he will be the ‘big brother’, the one that we will tell “Don’t let the bigger kids pick on her/him” or “Quit teasing your little sister/brother” – both will happen I’m sure, but he will always be special for one reason – he opened my eyes to something I had never really thought of before, the joys of being a parent.

Happy birthday, Froggy.

Matthew in a box


February 1st, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Furballs, The Boy, The wife and I

He’s not been acting like himself of late, he’s pretty mellow and likes to hang out in the sun, but we noticed last week that it seemed more like he was weak than just resting, so we took him to the vet hoping it was something simple like an infection or something like that.

First prognosis was pancreititis, which in cats is a lot like it is in humans, an inflammation of the pancreas that is very painful and results in loss of appetite and lethargy.  We left him with the vet for two days so they could do some tests, get him re-hydrated and get some meds in him to help.

During those two days he was gone Matthew was inconsolable.  Quigley is his best buddy in the world.  They hang out together all the time, watch TV, sleep, you name it and the two of them will be doing it together.  So, with Quigley gone there was a very upset two year old who wanted his buddy back NOW!

We finally were able to go and get him on Wednesday.  Matthew and the wife went down and went in the vets holding area to bring Quigley home and it was a meeting of best friends.  A very tired and sleepy Matthew gave his best buddy a hug and a kiss, talked to him the whole time Quigley was in the crate on the ride home, and then tried to feed him by hand once they were back.

Well, the vet wanted a follow up today and while I have noticed Quigley isn’t as lethargic as he was before, he is certainly not back to his old self.  The vet drew more blood, I took him home and about an hour later we got a call.  The vet isn’t happy with the progress and wants to see him again on Monday.

She’s afraid that it may actually be lymphoma.  If it is we have no way of paying for treatment and Matthew will lose his very best friend.

Please keep a prayer in mind for my son and his cat.

Updates on the Munchkin

January 6th, 2013 | 6 Comments | Posted in The Boy

He’s growing a lot.  Had a really good Christmas where he got a wagon which he used to haul around his new tiger

He also got a new rocking chair


And a whole lot of toy cars – as you can see.

But this is my favorite photo that was taken at Thanksgiving.  I call it “The Cowboys”

The Cowboys


Captain Independent

November 4th, 2012 | 1 Comment | Posted in The Boy

There’s a reason I call him that.

This is when we decided to have tacos one night.  He wasn’t content with having small pieces or being fed, he wanted his own taco and he was going to dang well feed himself.

Did a pretty good job at it too.

Busy, Busy, Busy…

November 3rd, 2012 | 4 Comments | Posted in The Boy, The wife and I, work is good

Been busier than a hive of bees during spring around here. First up is that I am redoing the entire Rimfire site.  I had liked it when I first started setting things up, but now I realize there are quite a few things that I want and the format structure just wasn’t allowing it so now I am back to square one and redoing it all.  Hopefully it will be done by December.

Also, the wife wants me to install some shelves in the boy’s closet to put blankets and things on, after that the next thing she would like is a kitchen table so I found this one and I’m thinking of using the idea and modifying the size to fit us.

Now, this one is designed for a lot more people than we need, so I’m going to scale it down to a 4 person with expandable leaves to seat six people.  My only concern is the position of the legs, would do no good to try and seat six people if the table legs are going to be getting in the way so I may have to look at other deisgns and figure that out as well.

Also on the list of things to make is this steamer trunk for a toybox

Finally, once all this is done, we have also decided that since kitchen storage is at a premium in this house a buffet cabinet might be in order.

So yeah, I have my work cut out for me.


May 24th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in The Boy, The wife and I

Made it in one piece, had some turbulence on the puddle jumper we took to Denver but otherwise it all went well.

TSA was very polite, helpful and got us through quickly (I’ll give credit where it is due).

Now visiting with family, that is all.