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Army of Dog has it right (as usual)

May 9th, 2008 | 5 Comments | Posted in California, Cowards, wimps

I was considering writing about the shithead Code: Pinkos (AKA – the lesbian commies) and their bullshit protest in Berzerkly over the Marine recruiting station there, but Brett over at Army of Dog not only beat me to it but he also said everything I could ever think of to say about it.

Zanne and her Code Pink friends like to travel around trying to bring “peace” by protesting anything that even looks like it might be able to protect American interests in a time of crisis.  Their success, to be kind, has been limited.  I have a humble suggestion for the crones of Code Pink.  Why don’t you pack up your shit and go cast spells and do rituals to end war in the front yards of the people who actually start this shit?  Seriously, get the kids, tell your life partner to take off a few weeks from work, get in the truck, and head on over to Gaza, Mosul, Tehran, or Beirut and cast spells on the jihadi assholes who are, as we speak, training kids to hate Jews and kill Americans.  Maybe then your dumb, shriveled ass could have some chance of ending the need for the best and brightest of American society to travel over there and get shot at.

And also

Let’s get one thing fucking straight, you crusty nutjob, if the goddamn Japanese Army couldn’t run the Marines off of Iwo-fucking-Jima, your gang of shriveled shrews not going to run them out of Berkely-goddamn-California.  I can’t speak for the mental state of every Marine in that office obviously, but I will bet every damn dime I have to my name that not one of them is fucking scared of you.

No, I don’t think there is one Marine alive or dead that would be scared of these psycho harpies, if anything the only reason the Marines are avoiding them is because they didn’t want to start laughing in these idiots faces.

My dad told me something long ago that is very true here:  “If it weren’t for all the stupid people out here, the rest of us wouldn’t look so smart”

Standing next to these wackos, I would look like Albert Einstein

Barack SMASH!

May 4th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Movies, wimps

So Barack is “struggling to contain his anger and frustration over the constant barrage of questions about his character and judgment”

So, is he worried that he’ll become big, green and end up in a really bad movie?

Welcome to a presidential race, buddy.  You are going to be questioned on that a lot because we voters really don’t want to give a free pass to the person who is going to be Commander in Chief and if you can’t handle the questions from our press and the voters, how are you going to handle the countries of the world who don’t like you and will rake you over the coals as often as they can?

No, Barack, even if your pastor wasn’t a nut (which you didn’t seem to notice for the past 20 years) and you didn’t hang around with terrorists, I don’t think you are ready for prime time.  But, I do hope you get the nomination because you’ll lose the election and after that happens we probably won’t see Hillary again and you will disappear back into the woodwork.

That is, unless you go on a rampage and we have to call in Iron Man

That sucking sound you hear

April 30th, 2008 | 4 Comments | Posted in wimps

Is Barack’s campaign collapsing in on itself.  I must say that I am getting too much amusement out of it and there is one point that ‘Reverend” Wright was correct about – in this case the chickens ARE coming home to roost and Obama can’t distance himself fast enough.

 Michelle Malkin says it perfectly (as always)

Barack Obama looked pale and wan at what he called his “big press conference” about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright on Tuesday afternoon. Numb. Chastened. Defeated. Extolled for his eloquence, Obama stuttered and stammered his way through the question-and-answer session. It appeared he was having an out-of-body experience.

Who knew that the greatest threat to his presidential campaign would come from the preacher who married him, baptized him, and prayed with him? Barack Obama should have known. That’s who. Take that judgment and shove it on a pretty campaign poster.

I love how Barack tries to say that he knew nothing about the radical views of his pastor even though he has been at that church for 20 years.  It’s like he’s the new Sgt. Schultz from ‘Hogan’s Heroes’

“I see nothing, nothing!”

So, it comes down to this, either Barack knew that his pastor was a race baiting, hateful person OR Barack is so far out of touch that he doesn’t even know the person that he said is a “sounding board” for him to “make sure that I am speaking as truthfully about what I believe as possible”

So, which is it Barack?  Are you a liar, or a fool? 

Nevermind, I think I already know the answer to that.  Jive talking indeed.


Dr Sanityhas a fun look at Mr Hopechange and Ace covers what the Media has decided for us about Wright.  Also, if you read nothing else, go to Iowahawk and read his “Dear Barry” column

More Liberal bullshit

April 29th, 2008 | 7 Comments | Posted in California, People are Stupid, wimps

Well, since they haven’t been able to get our guns and it looks like the Supreme Court won’t help them out on that either, the wonderful Peoples Republic of Kalifornia is now going to go after my ammunition.

AB2062 is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, May 7 in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.  Sponsored by State Assembly Member Kevin De Leon (D-45), AB2062 would require that law-abiding gun owners obtain a permit to buy handgun ammunition and would impose severe restrictions on the private transfers of handgun ammunition.  Applicants for a “permit-to-purchase” would be required to submit to a background check, pay a $35 fee, and wait as long as 30 days to receive the permit. 

Not only does Kalifornia law make in nearly impossible to obtain a Concealed Carry permit for the average person, now the liberals want to make sure aren’t able to buy any ammo either.   Course, they are following the lead of the biggest hypocrite and liberal of them all from here (next to Nancy Pelosi) Dianne Feinstein.

Dianne Feinstein seems to think that while the rest of us shouldn’t be able to protect ourselves, she should have that option available for herself 

“I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did. I was trained in firearms. I’d walk to the hospital when my husband was sick. I carried a concealed weapon. I made the determination that if somebody was going to try to take me out, I was going to take them with me.”

Thanks for deciding that I don’t need to protect myself or my wife.  I have been trained in firearms as well, much better than Mrs. Gun Control here because I know never to put my finger on the trigger unless I intend to shoot.  I also know not to EVER point a firearm at someone at ANY TIME unless you intend to shoot them.

I urge anyone who reads this to go and write to your state senator and protest this unwarranted intrusion into our ability to defend ourselves against the criminals.  Remember, if you take all the guns away then only the criminals will have guns – just they way they want it.

Evil White Men

April 21st, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in People are Stupid, wimps

Yep, we white men are evil incarnate. Racist, sexist and full of rage according to Nora Ephron. I found this over at Rachel’s site

This is an election about whether the people of Pennsylvania hate blacks more than they hate women. And when I say people, I don’t mean people, I mean white men. How ironic is this? After all this time, after all these stupid articles about how powerless white men are and how they can’t even get into college because of overachieving women and affirmative action and mean lady teachers who expected them to sit still in the third grade even though they were all suffering from terminal attention deficit disorder — after all this, they turn out (surprise!) to have all the power. (As they always did, by the way; I hope you didn’t believe any of those articles.)

So, according to her the only thing that we ‘white men’ consider when voting is race and sex.

Gee, glad she told me that because I was going to vote for whom I thought was the best candidate for the job. I was examining the issues and listening to the candidates speak to decide who I thought was going to lead the country in a way that was closest to my values of defending our borders, protecting our citizens, and reducing government intrusion into our lives as well as our pocketbooks. Turns out that I all really needed to do, according to her viewpoint, was check for white skin and a penis.

A lot of white men have terrible tempers, and what’s more, they think it’s normal.

Ah, yes, thank you for that little gem. I think if you read the entire article (I suggest doing it before you have lunch so it doesn’t come back up on you) it’s pretty obvious the real rage here is on her side. She rages on about how ‘White men have all the power” which makes me wonder what her real problem is when she sees every white male as an oppressive, racist person who is determined to ‘keep her down’. I will bet that it’s just easier for her, like many people, to blame someone else for her shortcomings than to take responsibility and fix them.

She does say at one point how “white men cannot be relied on, as all of us know who have spent a lifetime dating them”.  So, she also has dated a bunch of losers and because she has bad taste in men, it’s not her fault so it must be that ALL white men are bad, not just the ones she hooked up with (who probably realized she is nuts and ran the first chance they got)

Hillary’s case is not an attractive one, because what she’ll essentially be saying (and has been saying, although very carefully) is that she can attract more racist white male voters than Obama can. Nonetheless, and as I said, she has a case.

Here we are again; if you are male and white you are a racist. So now, no matter who wins they can scream sexism (for Hillary) or racism (for Obama) and if McCain wins they will scream racism and sexism right after they get done saying how they are all going to move to Canada.

This is a news flash for all the liberals out there who cling so tightly to this ‘evil white man’ illusion: I have, in my whole life, met only four or five white men who gave a crap about skin color and I’ve met about twice that amount that cared if you were male or female and all of that was in the military.  Oh, and they didn’t last long anyway, we generally had ways of modifying their attitudes that were effective, if not very pleasant.

Mostly all of us evil white men give a shit about is 1) Are you an asshole? if not great, if yes then get the fuck away from me.  2) Do you do the job you are supposed to be doing? If yes, cool.  If no, then get your ass to work because you aren’t getting paid to look pretty. 3) Are you going to whine about how unfair life is and how you are oppressed? If no, good; if yes, then STFU cause we have work to do.

See, simple. I get tired of hearing people saying ‘The white man this’ and ‘The white man did that’. Victim attitudes that cry about how bad they have it. Nora likes thinking she is a victim, makes her life easier because she always has someone to blame if things don’t turn out her way. How about instead of just looking at skin color and sex you start looking at actual QUALIFICATIONS for the job, or would that require some actual thought on your part and that would be too much work?

Guess it’s easier to blame the white man for that too.

Art and Lies

April 17th, 2008 | 3 Comments | Posted in crappy art, People are Stupid, wimps, WTF

Well, I thought today would be a normal day that I would just go to work, come home and then do some animation, but after visiting my two ‘touch base’ blogs that I always check in with I had to write this.

Over on Jennifer’s site and also on Rachel Lucas’ site are some posts about a Yale art student who has “created” an instillation work that is disturbing if only for the lack of care or respect that the young woman has for her own body or for pregnancy. There is also another article that Rachel posted about a so-called ‘artist’ whose work was to do replicas of the American flag, place them on the ground and invite people to step on them. To my mind, these two “artist” are linked in a number of ways so I am going to look at and deconstruct their work as best as I can.

In the case of Aliza Shvart’s her project is described by the school’s paper this way:

a documentation of a nine-month process during which she artificially inseminated herself “as often as possible” while periodically taking abortifacient drugs to induce miscarriages. Her exhibition will feature video recordings of these forced miscarriages as well as preserved collections of the blood from the process.

The goal in creating the art exhibition, Shvarts said, was to spark conversation and debate on the relationship between art and the human body. But her project has already provoked more than just debate, inciting, for instance, outcry at a forum for fellow senior art majors held last week. And when told about Shvarts’ project, students on both ends of the abortion debate have expressed shock . saying the project does everything from violate moral code to trivialize abortion.

But Shvarts insists her concept was not designed for “shock value.”

“I hope it inspires some sort of discourse,” Shvarts said. “Sure, some people will be upset with the message and will not agree with it, but it’s not the intention of the piece to scandalize anyone.”

Now, going from this statement the entire point of her thesis is to tackle the line between art and the human body but she says she wasn’t going for shock value. This statement alone shows that she is either a liar or an idiot, I will go with liar. She knew exactly what her piece would do and made sure that the paper knew about it so that she could get exposure and have her name in the news and get people talking about her. Unfortunately, it worked because here we are.

There are at least a hundred other ways to explore the whole “relationship of art and the body” so why did she choose this one? Since that question is not answered in her statement all that can be surmised is that she is either too chicken to really say what she is trying to say with this project, or she intended to cause this kind of reaction to satisfy her desire for attention. It’s probably both.

Few people outside of Yale’s undergraduate art department have heard about Shvarts’ exhibition. Members of two campus abortion-activist groups. Choose Life at Yale, a pro-life group, and the Reproductive Rights Action League of Yale, a pro-choice group, said they were not previously aware of Schvarts’ project.

Gee, how did the paper find out about it if no one outside of the art department had heard of what she was doing?

Her artist statement is a bunch of crap as well, to be blunt. The ultimate cop out of an artist is to say “I’m doing this to promote discussion”. Right, but what is your viewpoint as an artist. Any idiot can do anything and say “I want to promote discussion”, that easy, more difficult is to actually have a viewpoint and then express it, talk about it intelligently and be able to defend it. Shvart’s doesn’t even bother it seems to talk about the artwork, instead she talk about the miscarriages

Shvarts emphasized that she is not ashamed of her exhibition, and she has become increasingly comfortable discussing her miscarriage experiences with her peers.

It was a private and personal endeavor, but also a transparent one for the most part,” Shvarts said. “This isn’t something I’ve been hiding.”

So private that she used it to get herself in the news. Like many shock artist that have come before, I think we will not hear much out of her after this, unless of course she gets that NEA grant I am sure she is wanting.

The fact is art is not political no matter what the new kids might want you to believe.  Art is personal and it always will be since is a personal expression of who the artist is are and any attempt to say “Oh, I’m just trying to inspire some sort of discourse” means one of two things. 1) You don’t believe in your work and really didn’t put anything into it so there is nothing there for you to talk about and are trying to cover by saying that stupid statement, or 2) You really do have something to say but you are too scared to really explore it and talk about it so instead you are trying to dodge the issue with this lame ass statement.

If, as an artist, the best you can do to explore the relationship between your body and your art is to menstruate on camera, or perhaps have an abortion – who knows what really happened, then I would consider asking for your educational dollars back and go into accounting since you are obviously to chicken shit to really examine your subject matter and come up with an answer. Instead, you have thrown out the catch all of every art student who doesn’t want to actually THINK about their art “I’m trying to create a dialogue”. Once again, LAME

Lame statements brings us to the next so-called artist we are talking about, some nameless boob from the University of Main who decided that their art project would be to make some half-ass versions of the American flag, put them on the ground and have people walk on them. Wow, what a unique artistic idea, this one has never been done before *this is a sarcastic statement and not meant to be taken any other way*

Yet another work by someone who wants to be political but doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, skill or education to say anything intelligent so instead resorts to essentially just pissing on the flag and saying it’s art. It’s not art because there is nothing to it beyond the flimsy shell of “America sucks” which is essentially all this girl is saying.

Now, she will never come out and say that because the obvious answer of “I hate America” is to leave and she will never do that because then she will have to probably go to a country that wouldn’t allow her crybaby tantrums that she calls art and she would actually have to do something to earn a living.

Can art be political? Sure, when it comes from a deep held conviction that is then transformed by the artist into a work of art – this is not one of those times. That kind of art comes from knowledge and experience. It comes from LIVING and from DOING, not from sitting around smoking pot and listening to ‘The Revolution with not be Televised’.

This is a childish scribbling by a girl who did this work so that she can feel like she is “fighting the power” and then probably went to find out when the next Code Pink meeting was. Both of these girls (they are not mature enough to deserve the title women) show a spoiled child’s approach to the world by doing pieces that scream “Look at me!” and nothing more. There is no personal message in either work beyond the surface which leads me to the conclusion that they did not invest themselves in their work beyond the physical exertion that was required for it.

Finally, both artists show the narcissistic behavior of a child by ignoring the fact that as an artist you are free to express yourself however you wish, but just like in everything else there is also a responsibility for your work. I don’t think either of them considered that just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should.

If, as an artist, you have something to say about America then for the love of god please do something more than throw a flag on the ground, if you have spent that much money on an education and this is the best that you can come up with then I would consider finding another field of interest because art is really not your forte. If you have something to say about your body and art, then say it and don’t ask everyone else what they think so you don’t have to bother answering.

I am surprised really that either of these two are art students, because at my undergrad school I doubt they would have made it past freshman year.  They would have instead been given applications to work here


David Colborne has it right about both of them, though he was only talking about ‘menstural girl.

In short, she’s just an overgrown two-year-old, shitting her pants and wanting someone to marvel at her odor.

Oh, and now the art by menstural girl was all just a hoax according to Yale Amazing how quickly when the shit begins to hit the fan that they throw up their arms and say “no, no, we were just kidding..” and now she has changed her artist’s statement as well.

Ms. Shvarts is engaged in performance art. Her art project includes visual representations, a press release and other narrative materials. She stated to three senior Yale University officials today, including two deans, that she did not impregnate herself and that she did not induce any miscarriages. The entire project is an art piece, a creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body.

She is an artist and has the right to express herself through performance art.

Had these acts been real, they would have violated basic ethical standards and raised serious mental and physical health concerns

I’m going to bet that she had help with that one since it is actually somewhat articulate.  Its gone from being about “The art and the body” to being about the “ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body.”


I’m calling bullshit on the updated statement too.