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Two Years

April 5th, 2013 | 3 Comments | Posted in The Boy

Two years ago today a little guy I nicknamed ‘Froggy’ was born.  He got the nickname originally from the fact that he would constantly kick while he was in the womb, sometimes hard enough that it would rock his mother to the side like someone just shoved her.  He also got it from the scene in Blazing Saddle’s with Harvey Korman taking a bath.  I said that line to him when I was first holding him after he was born, got a laugh out of my wife and the doctor.

My Boy

When he was born I remember describing it like the part in the Wizard of Oz where the movie changes from being in black and white to color.  That’s what my son did to me, my whole world turned upside down and I now see it with a different set of eyes.  I used to go work, work, play, sleep, work.  Now the play part is fine, but Matthew likes to walk and be outside and that’s great, but it has made me slow down and appreciate just BEING outside.  He’ll wander my parents property just looking at things and exploring and I’ll walk with him just enjoying having him around.  Occasionally he will pick something up to hand to me that is VERY important -like a rock or a stick, and then continue on his quest for the next bit.

Mom and the Wife will occasionally get mad that I don’t bother to make him put on shoes for these outdoor excursions, today we didn’t even bother with his jeans -t-shirt and a diaper with socks – that’s how we roll here. He had fun, and since it’s his birthday, that’s the point right?


He played with the dogs, helped feed the horses, dug in the dirt, got a basketball thing and shot hoops with his cousin (made more baskets than the current occupant of the White House too) and got a whole bunch more toy trains.  All in all a good day for him that was topped off by a chocolate cupcake.

Hard to believe that he has grown so much in such a short time.  A few months ago he couldn’t hold a cup without spilling it, now he runs to the refrigerator and will fill it himself.  There are still spills at times, but most of the time he will get his cup, fill it and then have a good long drink.

We have another one on the way and soon he will be the ‘big brother’, the one that we will tell “Don’t let the bigger kids pick on her/him” or “Quit teasing your little sister/brother” – both will happen I’m sure, but he will always be special for one reason – he opened my eyes to something I had never really thought of before, the joys of being a parent.

Happy birthday, Froggy.

Matthew in a box

Us and Them

March 29th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in ramblings

Was at the mall today getting some new glasses ($300 bucks worth of new glasses) and was passing by one of those stores that caters to the young, hip, emo crowd when I saw a shirt that perfectly illustrated the difference between us and them and so I snapped a picture of it and made this.


Click to embiggen

Their side is concerned about themselves, not about you, me or anyone that can’t do something for  THEM.  Because in their world the only thing that matters is them.

In my world I would shed my blood for my tribe, and I know that the people who are part of my tribe would do the same for me.  I know this to be fact.  I was at work one time and tried to call my wife at home and there was no answer.  Since she had told me to call her and was expecting the call I tried the house phone, no answer there either.

Normally this wouldn’t evoke a reaction on my part, but she was pregnant at the time and there were some things going on so it got me a little worried.  Since I couldn’t get out of work I called a friend of mine to see if he could get hold of her for me since my break was over.  He tried for ten minutes to call her, after the first two minutes he grabbed his pistol,  got into his car, and headed to my house breaking quite a few speed laws to get there as quickly as he could.

Now, he didn’t know what he might be walking into, but he did it anyway because he knows I would do the same for him.  That is my tribe, my people.

On the other side we have my brother in laws group.  They one time decided they wanted to go ghost hunting in a active railway freight yard and I was asked to talk to them and let them know how monumentally stupid their idea was.  One of the group was a girl, young and kind of cute, the other six or seven were your average teenage boys who spend too much time playing video games and not really much else.

I did my best to explain to them that the particular rail yard they were thinking of had a very bad history of bodies being found and a very bad element that was in that area.  I finished it with “What would you do if someone came out with a knife or a gun, told you boys to scram and leave the girl?”

One of the boys, without hesitation, said “I’d leave her to her fate I guess.”

Us and them.  Big differences, choose your side carefully.


Dear Lord Almighty

March 24th, 2013 | 4 Comments | Posted in Jackass, webstuff, WTF

There is a elephant size load of stupid in this video

“Why’s America out of ammo?  Because I shot it all”

That combined with the Oakley’s and the Punisher patch show all us wannabe’s what a REAL tactical badass looks like.

I especially love that he has his hat on backwards, that is REAL tactical shit too!  Honest, he’ll tell you that I’m sure.

This is the description he has on the video “Rick Taylor, world’s greatest tactical instructor, brings you the most technologically advanced handgun on the planet – the M&P17 Warrior. It’s the illegitimate love child of a Glock, an M&P, and a 1911.”

So, if you see his name on the class, you know not to waste your money

Oh, there’s this too.


Was informed that this is, in fact, satire.  Thank god for that.  There are so many out there who ARE this bad that sometimes it’s hard to tell.

Amoxicillin – 0 Ear/Sinus Infection – 1

March 11th, 2013 | 4 Comments | Posted in It's all about me

Yep. You read it right.  Just like the famous Rumble in the Jungle, George Foreman (played by my Amoxicillin) was handily beaten by Muhammad Ali (played by my infection).

The drugs came out strong and swinging hard, after day 3 it seemed that the infections were on the ropes. By day six I was feeling pretty dang human again.  Like Foreman, the sheer power of the antibiotics seemed to overwhelm the opposition, but alas, this was just part of the ear infections rope-a-dope tactic and because of that I ended up back at the doctor again today with the ear and sinus back in full blown infection mode a mere three days after finishing my antibiotics.

So now we have a new contender – Cephalexin – which is a “wide spectrum antibiotic’ which I take to mean “doesn’t give a crap what it kills” kind of drug.  It has apparently killed everything living in my intestinal tract and is now moving on to the rest of my body.

With all this going on, looks like I am off the workouts for a few more days.  Gonna wait till Friday, see how I feel, and if I’m good then back to the running and weights.  If it’s still no, then I’ll wait till Sunday.

Yeah, this kinda sucks.  Again.




March 2nd, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in It's all about me

Because I was sick on Sunday and Monday, I took those as my days off instead of my normal Thursday and Friday.  Thankfully though I had already scheduled Saturday off as vacation, so at least I had one day off instead of having to work ten days through.

So, today I had to pack in two days of work into one day.  I began by cutting the sail for some wind chimes I am making.  I have already cut the suspension ring, the clapper and the copper tubes for the chimes so the sail was the final part.  Since I am trying to get them into a local pet store that sells higher end stuff, I decided to do a cutout in the center of the sail of a Golden Retriever.  Once that was cut, I oiled it all up and then used the rest of the morning to clean out the garage and run a bunch of stuff to recycling.

While returning from that I swung by Target and got the boy a new car seat.  He hasn’t outgrown the one he has, but I figured while the money was here we should upgrade him to one that becomes a booster seat later on so we don’t have to worry about it.  Got home, put it together and got it set up in the car – he was very impressed with it and kept playing with the cup holder by putting his sippy cup in it and then taking it out.

Once that was finished I pulled out the pattern that I am trying to make for a set of 226 grips and continued cutting things, re-cutting and then (for one part of it) starting over when you realize you measured wrong.

After that, it was off to the parents to have a visit.  Matthew especially wanted to see the horses – as you can tell


After that, home with a very tired and cranky boy to have dinner and put him to bed.

Still have five days of antibiotics to take, and I’m still hacking up stuff, but I’m feeling more human now.  Think I may take a walk tomorrow.


Making Stuff – Part III

February 28th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Posted in Making Stuff

Since I can’t sleep because I am hacking up junk (the antibiotics are working – just not fast enough) I may as well be productive and finish the posting about the laundry cart I made for my wife.  I actually finished this weeks ago, but with Quigley and all I didn’t really feel like posting about it.

Last time we checked in I had all the side panels glued up, stained and ready to be given a coat of polyurethane varnish. I decided to go with a polyurethane because it is a very durable coating that isn’t going to wear off very quickly so the piece will be protected for a good long time, and since this is a laundry cart that is being used daily, that is a very good thing.

When I did the varnish, I used a good, fine bristle brush so I was able to put down a good coat without having too much left on the surface to cause drips or pooling.  After letting one side dry for 24 hours, I then flipped them all over and poly coated the other sides.  I gave the cart a total of five coats and in between each coat I ran over it lightly with #400 sandpaper to smooth out the brush strokes.

Once the last coat was dry I gave it a good buffing with some 000 steel wool and furniture wax.  The steel wool, like the sandpaper, allowed me to remove any debris that might have settled into the varnish while it was wet and also remove the brush marks while the wax made sure the steel wool didn’t cut too deep or leave any visible scratches.  The result was a nice warm glow to the wood without looking too shiny.

So, behold the power of this fully operational laundry cart!

laundry cart

The white dots on the top and bottom rails are where I drilled though and then used dowel rods to pin the pieces together, that way the wood can still flex with the changes in weather and the only glued spots are where the dowels are held in place.  I like the contrast so I didn’t bother to stain it.

Wheels and hampers were salvaged from the old cart and work perfectly here, and this frame can hold quite a bit more than the old one could too, so no worries about three full bags and then piling blankets on top too.

So, let’s review – above, new hotness; below, old and busted.  I think I see an improvement over the original.